Friday, October 9, 2009

Progress report: Eureka

All day long I'm out there walking, ruminating on life's mysteries, and still the simplest ideas elude me. At the beginning of the walk, a friend told me how to link to Google maps, where I could customize a map with lines showing my progress. The problem was that I couldn't transfer the map onto the blog, although I'm sure it's possible.
On Wednesday it suddenly struck me, when I was looking at the photograph I'd taken of the photograph of the Ladies of Linden, that I don't need to send the map to the blog. I can just snap a picture of the computer screen with the map on it, the same as I've been doing with the crude roadmaps on which I draw the lines with magic marker.
Incidentally, Archimedes, the ancient Greek pioneer of math and physics, was said to have been getting into the bathtub one day when he noticed that his body displaced the water, making it rise. This helped him to suddenly understand something having to do with density. So he got out of the tub and ran around the town naked, yelling "Eureka!" which means "I have found it." Naturally people didn't know what he thought he had found, although they knew it wasn't his toga.
With Linden's own history of their men "taking a walk on the wild side," so to speak, I thought better of running around naked and yelling, lest the locals think their village was becoming a mecca for kinkiness. Or they might have thought I was a crazed vacuum cleaner salesman without a peddler's permit.

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Michael Roberts said...

Better than taking a photo of your computer screen, try a screen shot from within Windows software. Or check some of the screen shot utilities, like SnagIt.