Thursday, October 22, 2009

Progress report: Effingham in the rain

Thursday, October 22, 2009
It's been raining all day in Effingham, Illinois, where I'm holed up in the motor home. Earlier in the day I went to Flying J to fill up the water tank and empty the other ones. They let you do it for free, which came as a pleasant surprise. I'm learning these little things as I go along.
The Wal-Mart parking lot is filling up with RVs, come to sit out the rain. It's a little too wet to do any serious sightseeing in Effingham, not that there's much to see. Anyway, I'll be walking through the city tomorrow, rain or shine. From here I start traveling more or less straight south again, all the way to New Orleans. I'll pass the 400 mile mark tomorrow, and I'm well over a third of the way there.
It'll be the Yankees on the radio tonight, as they try to sew up the American League pennant. The TV available here with my antenna doesn't include whichever network is broadcasting the games (Fox, I think). But there's something reassuring about a baseball game on the radio. It's a sound from childhood--from hot Saturday afternoons with the sound of lawnmowers in the distance. If I'm really lucky Joe Morgan will have laryngitis, or better yet, I'll be able to get the Yankee broadcasters, which happened last week when I was in Indiana.

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